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  • " I can't believe the desert was FREE! "
  • From the time I arrived at the brass eagle I knew I picked a winner. I just didn't know how good though. I was seated upon entering the waiting area, although the establishment was a little busy for mid-week afternoon. I received very professional service by very well trained staff and saw that the menu had a very large array of items to choose from with very affordable prices, which had me questioning the quality. I must say, I was surprised that for under $8.00 I got a delicious Gyro served with fries, a coke and a special dipping sauce. I was more than satisfied enough to give the waitress a $15.00 tip. Needless to say, I will return time and time again to the Brass Eagle Inn. Down stairs is a very cool sports bar and night club. They had live entertainment there the night I went. All I can say is Awesome. Drinks are very reasonable as far as pricing, and the people and patrons there are very friendly and nice.

Christian McLaughlin WOMB 92.9 FM

  • Our extended family went here for a dinner after my dad's funeral. The staff were very helpful accommodating our large group, with small children, and the service was quick and accurate. Also, the all-lump-meat seared crab cakes were amazing.
by Gary from GA



  • Friendly service: We are treated like family, even though we're just customers!


  • BEST CRABCAKE IN TOWN: Definitely a great sports bar/restaurant......Highly recommended!!!

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